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It is not so difficult to try to get your audience to sit up and do something!

As well as working with the winner after the Fringe, we are already helping several productions at different fringe venues before the festival and we provide case studies and resources that will help all productions to achieve impact.

And here are some ideas:-


  • Think about how your play can achieve impact by collaborating with your audience
  • Partner with a charity to ascertain facts and help in the creative process
  • Consider a specific audience fundraise e.g. fund a lobbying campaign
  • Seek out and bolster an existing campaign, raising awareness and support of it with the play


  • Circulate an issue factsheet or “how to help” leaflet e.g. donate, sign a petition, volunteer or learn
  • Arrange with your venue to hold post show Q&As or discussions, including a call to action
  • Ask the audience to make a donation
  • Invite decision makers or those affected by the issues to view the performance


  • Actors become advocates, speaking at events or performing rehearsed readings
  • Taking your production into schools
  • Work on a strategy to ensure the play has longer term impact
  • Show the play to decision making audiences