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Social Impact Theatre


2019 Awards and Applications

We are providing two awards:-

  • SIT-UP 2019 Award - £5,000 prize
  • SIT-UP Audience Engagement Award - £1,000 prize

and starting two new initiatives:-

  • SIT-UP Tickets Scheme
  • SIT-UP & Talk

Closing date for submissions is 31st July 2019.

Awards Application

    Awards Criteria

    We take for granted that the shortlisted productions will have great artistic merit, but the winner will also have excelled in one or more of the following:

    • Changing minds –A powerful play could achieve a ‘full 180’ of opinion and sustain this change long term. This criteria reflects the play’s ability to incite empathy, and for the story to linger in the heart and mind after the festival.
    • Changing behaviours – The best productions will have a loud, specific call to action and information or mechanisms to help audiences achieve it.
    • Research integrity –This could be informing the content or direction of the play as a result of collaboration with a charity, or through involving those with lived experience in the production.
    • Raising awareness – Plays that educate audiences, helping them to understand issues they never knew existed or to see a new perspective.